I need to change the pickup time, add or remove a passenger or luggage, what I have to do?
To ensure best service, we recommend that you communicate any change regarding schedule, passengers and luggage because you may need a different car. Please contact us via email

May I cancel or modify my reservation?
The reservation can be cancelled or changed until the driver departs for the agreed meeting location. For cancellations or changes before 48 hours of your scheduled arrival, please contact us via email

Is the price per car or per person?
Prices are always per car, not per person.

Is the price fully inclusive? Any extra charge to pay?
Our policy is to give a fixed price, without hidden charges, so you pay the price shown. There are no supplements for traffic jams or deviations.

Will I have to tip the driver?
Tips are not mandatory and your fare includes everything. However, if you are satisfied about the service received and would like to tip the driver, this will be very welcome.

When I pay for the booked service?
If you at the time of the booking process chose the cash payment you can do it once you meet the driver, however Credit cards are welcome thanks to our portable device

What happens if I arrive with additional luggage not specified on the booking form?
In case the luggage requirements change we recommend that you modify your reservation accordingly, because you may need a different or bigger car. To modify your reservation please contact us. The price changes depending on luggage, so your fare may be adjusted to reflect the actual luggage carried and model of car required.

May I carry large items like wheelchair, bike or scuba dive equipment?
Please specify this need on the reservation form because you may need a bigger car to transport these or other larger items. This will ensure that our driver will come to pickup you with the correct car.

Where the driver will wait form me?
Normally the driver waits in the arrival hall just before the airport’s exit doors and he/she will hold a sign with the name specified on the reservation form. Exact meeting location details will be supplied by email several days before your arrival.

What I have to do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
Please don’t worry about that, we monitor the flights constantly and, in case of delays or cancellations, we reschedule your reservation accordingly, to make sure that one of our drivers will meet you.

What happens if I cannot locate the driver?
Just call our phone support line specified on the confirmation email sent, active 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we will help you.

For how long time the driver will wait form me, while I pass the immigration & custom gates?
The driver will wait for a maximum of one hour after the aircraft actual arrival time, then he/she may call you on the mobile phone supplied on the booking form. In case the driver cannot speak with you, he/she will leave the agreed meeting location. If case you get stuck for longer time than normal while clearing customs and immigration, collecting the luggage or filling-out a lost baggage file, please call us on the emergency phone number supplied via email a few days before arrival, so we can instruct the driver to wait for you.

Will I share the car with unknown people?
Our transfers are always private. You will not share your car with any other person different than your travel companions specified on your reservation form and traveling together with you. However,if you are available to share your transfers and save up to 60% on regular fare,please let us know sending a separate email.If we have people arriving or departing same time of your Arrival/Departure we will let you know sending you an email

Do you provide infant or child safety seats?
Yes, they are available free of charge . Select how many seats you need in the next step of the booking form.

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