Passenger precautions for COVID-19

  1. Passengers are required to wear a face mask.
  2. Passengers will use hand sanitizer before accommodate (driver will provide it for you)
  3. Passengers are required to sit in the back seat. Sitting next to the driver is not allowed. This is to keep as much distance as possible between driver and passenger.
  4.  Keep the minimum physical contact between you and the driver. Take care to load your belongings and luggage in the rear boot of the vehicle.
  5. The driver will take care to open/close for passengers the rear boot door and the sliding doors of the vehicle to accommodate in
  6. The driver will have a digital  flu scanner to measure the passengers’ temperature before the journey

Driver precautions for COVID-19

  1. Driver before a booked transfer wipes down the vehicle’s interior with approved disinfectants, especially the door handles and other surfaces that are commonly touched.
  2. The driver will always wear hand gloves, face mask, protective glasses
    and will use hand sanitizer for itself and at disposal for passengers.