MAV in Herculaneum-Vesuvius tour


MAV in Herculaneum-Vesuvius tour

Hire your private driver for  MAV in Herculaneum and Vesuvius tour

MAV (Virtual Archeological Museum) in Herculaneum

A few steps from the archaeological ruins of ancient Herculaneum stands the MAV (Virtual Archaeological Museum).

It is a centre of culture and technology applied to cultural heritage. A virtual and interactive trip where you can experience the thrill of an amazing journey back in time up to a moment before the eruption of 79 AD that destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.


The world’s most famous volcano, about 1281 meters high, has a history of thousands of years. It was loved for its fertile lands and above all because it was a luxury residential area of the Roman patricians.

According to studies, the populations living on the slopes of Vesuvius before the first century B.C. were completely unaware that this volcano was active and dangerous due to a possible violent lava eruption.

The tour:

Hire your personal driver for this tours.Driver suggest a 8.30 am departure with estimated return at 16:00. Price availble on request.