Yacht Charter along the Amalfi Coast

Yacht Charter along the Amalfi Coast

Book and info here  for your private Yacht Charter along the Amalfi Coast!where the scenery will truly leave you astonished and surprised by its lush beauty that mother nature has donated to this land. You will board from Agropoli’s port and reach the Amalfi cost with it 50 kms of enchanting coastline,rocks, blue and emerald sea and its grotto(Conca de Marini),fantastic and secluded bays and caves,you will land in Amalfi the ancient Roman village for a visit and then board again to reach the secluded bay in Conca de Marini where gourmand resturants offer the most exclusive local cuisine,fishing basis,time for swimming relaxing time and then head to Positano where you can land and visit this picturesque village, the coolest place of the Amalfi coast.

Amalfi Coast: Private luxury daily boat trip

Portofino 43

Amalfi Coast daily Yacht Charter

Model: Wellcraft Portofino 43
Lenght: 45’7″
Engines: Cat 2 x 370 HP
Cruise Speed: 22 knots
Max Speed: 28 knots
Beds: 4+2
People:Max 12

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