Cilento Coast tour: Velia-Palinuro blue cave


Cilento Coast tour: Velia-Palinuro blue cave

Hire your private driver for this Cilento Coast tour: Velia-Palinuro blue cave

The ancient city was founded by Greek settlers from Focea as a base of support in the Tyrrhenian for the intense commercial exchange  with the Italic populations.During the period of formation of the Magna Graecia colonies, it assumed the characteristics of an autonomous city, until it reached the degree of civilization that gave birth to the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno

The Palinuro sea blue cave (boat trip)

This cave is one of the most beautiful seabeds of the Mediterranean. In fact in its full splendour between caves and ravines storm the whole head, above and below the sea level. Its name and its charm come from the spectacular effect produced by the blue light that seems to rise from the seabed and illuminates the entire environment making it of course unreal and suggestive..

The tour

Driver suggest departing at 9.30 for the fist visit in Velia archelogical site,then Palinuro for the boat trip into the blue grotto. Price available on request.