Paestum Greek-Roman Temples tour

Paestum Greek Roman Temples tour

Paestum Greek Roman Temples tour.

Founded by the Greeks around 600 B.C. it was initially called Poseidonia, from Poseidon, or Neptune, God of the sea. the temple of Era Argiva became one of the largest and most esteemed sanctuaries of ancient Italy; about 50 stadiums separated the city from the Heraion and its emporium on the river.

The rediscovery

The rediscovery of Paestum dates back to 1762, with the construction of a  modern road, that still crosses through it.

The tour

Half-day tour. Paestum is just 25 minutes from Castellabate. The visit lasts approximately two hours. You can add to this tour with a guided visit to the bufala mozzarella organic farm in the nearby including a wine tasting tour in Cilento National Park!!Prices available on request here.