Visit the Padula Charterhouse and Pertosa’s Cave


Visit the Padula Charterhouse and Pertosa’s Cave

Pertosa/Auletta Cave

The Grotte dell’Angelo of Pertosa (Angel’s Grottos)  is located in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park.

The Cave of the Angel in Pertosa are the real pride of speleology in the province of Salerno and the most important in southern Italy. In fact, the first description of a cave in Campania, which dates back to 1551, was by Leandro Aliberti, a Dominican friar of Bologna. But the origin of the caves dates back about 35 million years ago.

It was used by men of the Bronze and Stone Age as shelters from external dangers. The wooden remains of their ancient stilt dwellings, thanks to the particular climate and the humidity level inside the caves, have in fact reached our days almost intact. They are the only findings in Campania speleological history. The uniqueness of the Grotto of the Angel is not only in the particularity of the formations, but above all, it resides in the fact that to visit them it is necessary to pass over a small lake, originated from an underground river.

A delightful boat crossing, about two hundred meters long, takes tourists into the depths of the Cilento mountains.

 The Certosa of San Lorenzo (Padula)

The ‘Certosa di San Lorenzo‘(Padula’s Charterhouse), better known as the Certosa di Padula, is an architectural marvel declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. It is the largest Certosa in Italy and is located in the town of Padula, in Vallo di Diano, in the province of Salerno. Founded by Tommaso Sanseverino in 1306, the temple, dedicated to San Lorenzo, has a particular structure that recalls the image of the symbol of the martyrdom of the Saint. The main body of the building has 320 rooms and is in Baroque style. Here is the largest Cloister of Europe, enclosed by 84 columns. .

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