Hire a private driver for Pompeii Ruins tour

Hire a private driver for  Pompeii Ruins tour

79ad…a tragedy in Pompeii,

one of the most popular and important cities of the Roman Empire!

Hire a private driver for Pompeii Ruins tour. The discoveries, following the excavations initiated by Charles III of Bourbon, are one of the best testimonies of Roman life and one of the best-preserved cities of that era.

The finds

most of the finds recovered ,as well as simple furnishings of daily use including frescoes, mosaics and statues, are now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples; a considerable amount of the finds  has been useful to understand the uses, customs, eating habits and art of life of over two thousand years ago.

Hire your personal driver for this tour


The excursion lasts approximately 6 hours, including the return journey to Castellabate. The visit of the ruins takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.


You can add experience and other visits to this tour.

Additional experience and visits

For example, you can combine a wine tasting experience.The winery is located at the bottom of the Vesuvius nearby Pompeii. Likewise you can also add a visit to the Volcan,the Vesuvius